You never stand up on your own

I am jabbed about how I believe I can do anything wrong and, because of my magic Jesus, I can just keep going and not live with guilt.  I see guilt in action and it is terrible and ugly and – as you grow in fait – unnecesary.


I do not claim to be a theologian or a well-versed anybody. However, my concentration is my means to Christ and how God works is something I find I am compelled to share.

When reflecting on the concept of “you get knocked down and then get up again” (guilt-free), I ended up working out not the assumed cycle of perpetual despair and salvation – but a process of the soul that will help you become unified with the very power that sustains your pitiful life. So vulgur…so true.

– You know what displeases God, you do it anyway

– You admit guilt, make a change, you feel good

– You get more confident in self, you fail

– You ask for forgiveness

– You receive grace and recognize anew, you grow

– You grow strong in a new area and it this exploration, you fall

– You recognize God’s precense

– You hold Grace and know to change, how to feel

– You are loved, you shine and give glory and thanks

– You struggle, you know to fall back on God

– You feel strengthened now by God’s grace, not just healed

– You grow, you are blessed – God is in you, you are never alone

– You share God’s love

– You teach Grace and forgiveness

– You grow in faith and love

Now looking back over these steps I realize two things: 1) the fruits of the spirit are present throughout these steps (joy, self-control, etc…) 2) most people who are constantly struggling aren’t getting past “grow more confident in self and fail” because they don’t know how to recognzie grace. God wants you to be your full, happy self. I recently stumbled across a personal mantra “God live through me”. My friend asked, “are you asking or are you reminding yourself?” Neither. It was just a statement, an affirmation – I have this body because God wants to see what I will do with it. To see how I care for it and enjoy it. If you can keep a beat, you better dance for God because God dances through you and probably wants to join the party.

So that is my clear thought tonight – God live through me. Through this process, God live through me.

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Creative Thinkers & Observers Alike

When reading a list of the top ten jobs for creative thinkers, I grew increasingly concerned that I would never identify the real mccoy due to the endless possibilities of occupation. Chef, Film Director, Teacher – My mind literally flipped through imaginary course catalogs excitingly thinking about classes and tests about such interesting topics. Like interior decorating – oh! Feng Shui.

It wasn’t until the last option listed, paralegal, that my heart stopped (*figuratively). I felt the feeling of success that comes with identifying something perfect and being so convicted that you announce its perfection perfectly. Explainations come naturally, it is a real – reliable fact. One that could be argued, no doubt, but also one that could be fought for. One you could die for.

Now, I am not about to go work with lawyers and believe that simplicity will exist then when it doesn’t now. But what I did come up with was this blog: everyday debates with spiritual themes and Biblical facts – historical reference tied to them. It’s not necessarily an original concept – it is kind of the taught of the human condition. Conflict, deceit, and malintention. The concept of completion and the awakening of the human awareness. Is that redundant? (Yes?) Then good.

Unlike any other time I have ever wrote, I am going to directly ask for concepts, opinions, and facts. So, please – feel free to play. Because that is what this feels like….playtime.

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